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Commercial Boat

fishing boat Lobster for sale 10294.jpg


Listing # 6834

Length: 38'11"

Width: 13'7"

Stern Width: 10'0"

Draft: 2'6"

Gross Tons: 14.45

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Pleasure Boat

pleasure boat for sale 14543.jpg


Listing # 7426

Length (LOA): 25'0"

Length (LWL): 25'0"

Beam: 8'0"

A pocket-cruiser perfect for the waters of Nova Scotia. This mini yacht sails happily and is ready to take you anywhere along the East Coast or further South. Canadian Registry - yes you can sail her to the US or Bermuda. This boat is federally registered. This boat is ready to go and has all the necessary equipment to take you and your family to the islands for a few days: - 3 mooring lines with over 500ft of 1/2" nylon line and almost 100ft chain in total. - 3 anchors: 44lbs Bruce, 22lbs Bruce, 15lbs Danforth style. (you'll sleep well at night when anchored in a breeze!) - 4.5 hp Johnson twin-cylinder outboard with high-torque propeller. - 2 x 20W solar panels mounted on pushpit, PWM regulator and marine battery. - bilge pump with float switch - Heavy duty steel cradle includes 4 jacks. Designed to slide the cradle+boat onto any flat-bed trailer for easy road transport (no crane needed). Currently moored in the Yarmouth area; I can assist with ocean delivery anywhere between Digby and Halifax at no cost. Extra item available: - 2004 Quicksilver inflatable with 4hp Suzuki outboard (1996). (add $1,000)

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Featured License
& Packages



Listing # 5684


Region: Scotia Fundy

Area: Scotia Fundy

This licence package includes a Digby County groundfish licence. Areas fished :4x & 5y. A herring gillnet set/fixed licence and a sea urchin diver licence.

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fishing gear BOLLARDS  for sale 6960.JPG


Listing # 6440

Type: Accessories

Product: Bollards

Stainless steel bollards for sale. Great for vessels and wharves.

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