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Commercial Boat

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Listing # 6492

Length: 43'0"

Width: 15'4"

Stern Width: 11'3"

Draft: 4'0"

Gross Tons: 20.46

Vessel went through CSI in 2012.

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Pleasure Boat

pleasure boat for sale 12856.jpg


Listing # 7051

Length (LWL): 20'0"

Beam: 6'0"

Used for mossing and lobstering.

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Listing # 7101


Region: Scotia Fundy

Area: Scallop Fishing Area - 28B, Scallop Fishing Area - 28C

This complete package includes a core district 36 lobster licence and a mid bay scallop licence.

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fishing gear Weights Miscellaneous  for sale 14513.jpg


Listing # 7407

Type: Miscellaneous

Product: Weights

Lead Barrel Weights - I have 500 lbs of lead barrel weights, drilled to 1/2 inch. There are 3 for every 2 lbs. $1.00 per lb. I also have 500 lbs of lead in block form for 80 cents per lb.

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