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Commercial Boat

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Listing # 1186

Length: 44'9"

Width: 19'0"

Draft: 4'5"

Gross Tons: 31.96

This complete package includes a core district 35 lobster licence, a Digby County groundfish longline licence and a class b swordfish licence. Gear includes 370 American heavy gauge traps. 70 brand new, 130 - 6 months old, 40 - 1 year old, 40 - 2 years old and 90 - 5 to 7 years old. 8 - 15 pot trawls 9/16" lines and 9 - 20 pot trawls 9/16" lines. 38 - 70lb anchors. 60 fish totes, 30 lobster crates, buoys, and balloons. Longline gear includes aluminum squeezer, stainless steel roller, aluminum trawl chute, 4 insulated boxes, 45 tubes of 6' fine gear, 16 tubes of 12' halibut gear, 4 high flyers and a few small light anchors. Outfit can be purchased with or without company shares. Inquire for price. Vessel has dual ram steering, direct drive 35g gear pump with electric clutch and 60g aluminum reservoir, removable shelter deck and a freezer unit. Sale includes a 2007 Chev van which has only 137,800 kms and a scamps trailer. Sale also includes a freezer unit.

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Pleasure Boat

pleasure boat for sale 13468.JPG


Listing # 7110

Length (LOA): 8'0"

Length (LWL): 8'0"

Beam: 4'2"

The pram dinghy is 8ft long & 50" wide and weighs approx 48lb. Carried (backpacked) like a canoe, to many out of reach fishing places. 1/4" ply bottom & sides, bow & stern transoms are 3/8" ply. Unpainted $390.00; Painted $475.00 Not designed to support outboard but a thicker rear transon (1/2" ply) & motor board can be installed ($25.00) for an electric trolling motor. Oars & oarlocks are not included, but oarlock sockets (brackets) are installed on all dinghy's.

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Listing # 6676


Region: Newfoundland & Labrador

Area: Scallop Fishing Area - 4R (14)

This complete enterprise includes a groundfish longline & handline licence, 4r crab licence, scallop licence, herring licence, whelk licence and turbot licence.

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fishing gear Blocks Fishing Boat Accessories for sale 13624.JPG


Listing # 7139

Type: Fishing Boat Accessories

Product: Blocks

12" galvanized deck block. Up-right style.

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