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Commercial Boat

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Listing # 5903

Length: 44'0"

Width: 17'10"

Stern Width: 14'0"

Draft: 6'0"

Gross Tons: 34.00

This complete package includes a core class a swordfish harpoon/spear licence, a Richmond County groundfish longline licence, a mackerel gillnet licence, a herring gillnet licence, a squid handline & jigger licence and a scallop licence. Owner will separate package, call for more information.

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Pleasure Boat

pleasure boat for sale 13649.jpg


Listing # 7146

Length (LOA): 50'0"

Length (LWL): 50'0"

Beam: 13'6"

50 x 13.5 ft Hartley The boat is 90% complete but can be used as a power boat or a beautiful summer home and will safely take you any where in the world you wish to go. That's what it was designed for with a lot of little neat extras. I have all pics from the very start. I would like to find it a home to continue its journey it was designed for. The boat is one of a kind, it has an aerated keel for de-icing in winter or to blow hull off a sand or mud bank if ever grounded. The keel is designed with 1,000,000 lb breaking strength and has lifting or tie down holes built in. Mast support has direct access through the bottom of the hull in case of a lightning strike to minimize any possible damage. The fuel system has a duel filter. Just takes seconds to make a switch over. It is the same for duel water intake system. No mast of rigging installed but all mast deck fittings installed can easily be used as power boat till finished with sloop sail system. 12v rope and chain heavy duty 2400 lb pull winch bow winch. 200' of 3/8" chain with anchor and special sss bow roller system. 6 cylinder Perkins naturally aspired free wheeling 2:1 paragon trans. All new 1 1/2" ss shaft with a 26" 4 blade prop. 450 gallons of fuel in 6 separate tanks. 550 gallons of water in 6 separate tanks. Fridge, freezer and 3 burner stove with oven. No gen but set up to install, bow thruster tube in place for 6 inch electric, designed for 5 large 12v batteries all wiring complete throughout.

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Listing # 5604


Region: Scotia Fundy

Area: Scotia Fundy

This licence package includes a non-core Halifax County groundfish longline, handline, gillnet set/fixed & jigger licence. Areas fished: 4x & 5y. A mackerel handline & gillnet set/fixed licence and a herring licence.

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fishing gear Cooling System Booster Car  Truck  Trailer  Atv   Other Toys for sale 12974.jpg


Listing # 7077

Type: Mechanical

Product: Engine Coolant

Motormax cooling system booster. Temperature extremes (both hot and cold) literally destroy vital engine components. MotorMax's unique heat sink action selectively attacks performance robbing engine "hot spots" for enhanced engine efficiency. As little as one quart of MotorMax: Stabilizes engine temperatures and prevents overheating Reduces engine wear in cold winter temperatures Dramatically improves air conditioning output during the summer Enhances fuel performance Reduces exhaust emissions Simple to use-just add to radiator Treat your car or truck to The MotorMax Advantage Today! Can be used in any cooling system that uses water cooled engines. In your boat car truck etc. Selling online for $24.95 US. Clearance for $4.99 each. We have 105 on hand.

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